Moving Tips

Any International relocation can be an overwhelming experience, but Galbraith Van and Storage is committed to easing the transition with a helpful checklist of important tasks to complete prior to the big day. Beginning four (4) weeks from the date of your move, use this easy to follow checklist to ensure you’ve covered everything you need to ensure a worry-free transition. 

Print this list and post it in your home – check off each task as you complete it. We are confident this resource will help you with your International Move.

4 Weeks 

  • Explain the reasons for your move to your immediate family, extended family, and friends.                       
  • Sort out and dispose of belongings you no longer need. Donate items to your favorite charity or recycle them.
  • Clear out the attic, shed, storage areas.
  • Make sure all your passports are valid and, if you need them, your visas are in order.
  • If you are taking your car with you, check if you need an international driving license.
  • Inform your Solicitor and collect copies of wills, medical, dental records, and school records.
  • Inform your bank of your plans so that the accounts can be transferred smoothly.
  • If you are taking your pets with you, find out about quarantine regulations.
  • Get copies of your pet’s shots and medical records from your Vet.

3 Weeks

  • Make sure that you have valid insurance to cover all eventualities – auto, medical, liability.
  • Arrange for utility meters to be read and service cut on the day you move.
  • Cancel telephone service and arrange a final account.
  • Send out change of address cards, and inform the USPS of your move.
  • Inform children’s schools of move and arrange to obtain copies of transcripts.
    • Collect all relevant documents, such as work permits, tax records and credit references.
  • If you are taking plants with you, check regulations of destination country.
  • Cancel all magazines, papers, clubs etc. subscriptions and memberships.

2 Weeks 

  • Pack a ‘survival kit’ with all the small items you may need when you arrive.
  • Notify your neighbors of your move out day so they can leave sufficient space for the moving van.
  • Decide which personal items you want to pack yourself and put them aside.
  • Identify valuable personal items and jewelry you want to carry with you and pack them carefully.
  • Make sure you have tickets, hotel reservations, passports and other documents safely in one place.
  • Make sure you have returned rented items, such as televisions, videos etc.
  • Prepare garden tools for packing. Motors must be drained of oil and fuel.
  • Drain garden hoses and roll them carefully.
  • Non-toxic cleaning fluids can be sealed in plastic bags.
  • Dispose of oil, paint, aerosol cans and other flammable and toxic chemicals carefully.

On The Day Of Your International Move

  • Stay close to your packing crew leader so you can identify the items not going and those you will carry with you. When you arrive at your destination you will see the benefits of careful planning.
    • Sign the inventory report provided by your International Moving Specialist.
  • Keep your copies safe so when you move in you will be able to make sure that everything is correct.
  • Label and put aside small important items.
  • Sort all your keys into two bunches: those you want to take with you and those to leave behind.