Specialized Moving

Superior Service for Moves that Require Heightened Care

Not all relocations are a simple move from Point A to Point B. When you require a more specialized approach to handling certain types of property it is important to rely on a company with right kind of experience. 

Galbraith Van and Storage provides the knowledge and experience to handle even the most demanding moves. From high value collections to sensitive electronics and personal records, our crews are trained to execute complex assignments with professional care. 

Among the specialty items Galbraith moves for customers include, but not limited to:

  • Computers and Server Cabinets
  • Concert and Convention Equipment
  • High Value Art and Antiques
  • Custom Furniture and Heirlooms
  • Retail Fixtures
  • Trade Show Display and Fixtures
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Sensitive Electronics
  • Archives, Records and other Confidential Documents

Galbraith Van and Storage establishes a custom plan to pack, pick up, transport and deliver the items you need moved, and our crews complete the job with precision care. Our clients are confident that the property they entrust with us receives priority handling, without exception.

Contact Us today to learn how you can benefit from our Specialty Moving Expertise. We are confident our attention to detail will exceed your expectations.